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Remapping service for petrol and diesel vehicles

About Technomend Remaps

Remapping Service & Aircon re-gassing

Technomend Remaps offer a full Stage-1 car, van & bike remapping service for petrol and diesel vehicles.
This includes EGR, DPF & Speed restriction deletion.

Benefits of Stage 1 Tuning....

Increases power and torque up to 35% while also improving fuel efficiency of up to 20%. Removes flat spots and gives a much more responsive drive through the gears without compromising reliability in any way.

  • All original data is kept on file should you ever want to revert back to the original settings when selling on etc.
  • Local mobile remapping available too on most cars
  • Also, full aircon facilities, diagnostic work, Mileage recalibration and all aspects of in-car entertainment, recoding & repairs undertaken

Please contact us if you would be interested in any further information


Had my fiesta remapped. excellent service. Great bloke. knows what hes talking about. Workshop is immaculate. Free hot drinks, which are very good(Bonus). My car is so much more responsive. I will recommend this service to anybody. Thanks so much. Very happy customer.Ellie James - via Facebook
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